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  • 333 (1) On receipt of a plan provided under section 332(b), the minister must deposit a copy with the proper officer and in the land title office, and the proper officer must give to the registered owner of each parcel adjacent to the boundary line shown on the plan, and to each registered owner of a charge on it, and to another person, as directed by the minister, a notice in writing stating that the plan has been deposited, and that the line as shown on it will be adopted as the boundary line between the special survey area and the adjacent land, and that the interests of the person to whom the notice is directed are affected by the survey, and setting a time and place for the hearing of any complaint that may be made against the adoption of the line as the boundary of the special survey area, and thereafter the procedure under section 344 and following sections, in regard to the filing of objections and hearing, must be followed as far as applicable and with the necessary changes, and the minister must, by supplemental order, fix as the boundary of the special survey area either the line recommended by the surveyor or any other line which on the evidence before the minister appears as the proper boundary.
  • (2) The line fixed finally determines the boundary between the land in the special survey area and adjacent land, and if any damages or compensation are awarded to the registered owners of land outside the special survey area they form part of and must be paid out of the same fund as the expenses of the survey.

1979-219-333; 2003-66-35; 2023-10-475.



On the Form 17 Charge, Notation or Filing, select Nature of Interest, Special Survey, Land Title Act Order, and attach an image of the order.