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In This Volume

The forms in Schedule A have been removed editorially by Legislative Counsel. In their place, the Director of Land Titles has approved Transfer Forms A to E. The use of these forms, in either electronic or hardcopy form, is compulsory.

For electronic submissions, the director has approved the use of the electronic Forms A to E. These forms are reproduced in the Land Title Forms Electronic Guidebook, 6th ed. (CLEBC, 2013), commonly cited as the “Green Book”, and may be downloaded from

Completion instructions for electronic land title forms are set out in the

  • Green Book;
  • Land Title Web Filing Form Practice Guides; and
  • Directions for Completing EFS Forms;

the latter two of which are at under “Practice Info”, “E-filing User Guides and Publications”.

For hardcopy submissions, templates of Forms A to E are available for download at Completion instructions and a user guide are set out in Completion Instructions for Hardcopy Transfer Forms at Hardcopy forms are reproduced at chapter 33 (Land Title Act—Forms) in this Manual.