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  • 77 (1) For land within a municipality, the municipal council must appoint a person as an approving officer.
  • (2) An approving officer appointed under this section must be
  • (a) the municipal engineer,
  • (b) the chief planning officer,
  • (c) some other employee of the municipality appointed by the municipal council, or
  • (d) a person who is under contract with the municipality.

1979-219-77; 1985-65-6; 1997-25-32, effective March 26, 1998 (B.C. Reg. 85/98).


The registrar may require confirmation of appointments.


There is no prohibition against the appointment of more than one approving officer (Genevieve Holdings Ltd. v. Kamloops (City), [1988] B.C.J. No. 84 (QL) (S.C.) (Chambers)).