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  • 322 In this Part:
  • “block outline survey” means a survey in which special survey monuments are established at suitable points at or near certain or all street intersections or angles in street lines, or if no street exists, then at other suitable points;
  • “complete survey” means a survey that, in addition to the requirements for a block outline survey, also defines on the ground every angle of every parcel and is otherwise sufficient as a basis for the preparation of a plan of the land affected in compliance with section 67, or with only those deviations from the requirements of that section that the minister may consider proper under the circumstances of any particular case;
  • “land title office” means the land title office of the land title district in which the land to which the context applies is located;
  • “owner” includes the Crown;
  • “parcel” [repealed];
  • “proper officer” means
  • (a) if the land to which the context applies is located within a municipality, the designated municipal officer, and
  • (b) if the land to which the context applies is located outside a municipality, the Surveyor of Taxes;
  • “registered” means registered in the books of the land title office, but when used with respect to the ownership of land held by the Crown includes the Crown whether so registered or not;
  • “special survey monument” means a monument of a design and character approved by the Surveyor General and lawfully set or established in connection with or in relation to a survey made under this Part or under an Act repealed by the Special Surveys Act, S.B.C. 1922, c. 70.

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