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350 Approval Of Survey And Plan By Lieutenant Governor In Council

In This Volume

  • 350 At any time after the minister has disposed of the complaints against the special survey and claims, if any, and without further notice to the parties interested, the Lieutenant Governor in Council may by order in council, embodying in it the order made by the minister under section 348,
  • (a) confirm the order and findings of the minister made under section 348,
  • (b) approve of the special survey and plan or any part of it,
  • (c) declare the special survey and plan, or such portion of it as the Lieutenant Governor in Council may approve of, to be the true and correct survey and plan of the land affected,
  • (d) declare that all boundaries and lines fixed by the special survey and plan are the true boundaries and lines, whether of highways, rivers or creeks, when the rivers or creeks are defined on the plan by measurements or lines in a manner as to be capable of absolute location on the ground, or as between adjoining owners or between adjoining parcels, and whether or not the boundaries and lines were before that the true boundaries and lines, and
  • (e) declare, with reservations as are expedient, that the plan approved must be substituted for all former plans or surveys of the land affected which have before that been registered, or for the corresponding portions of those former plans or surveys.

1979-219-350; 2003-66-35.