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  • 59 (1) A copy of a public official plan may be deposited in the land title office by the Surveyor General and must be deposited by the Surveyor General at the request of the registrar.
  • (2) A plan deposited under subsection (1) must be certified by the Surveyor General as a true copy of the original.



The registrar seldom uses this section of the Act in practice. A copy of the official plan may be called for on occasion to check bearings, measurements, or monuments when a subdivision of unsubdivided land occurs because this information is not contained on the sketch attached to the Crown grant.


Electronic public official plans are submitted with pre-assigned serial plan numbers obtained by the Surveyor General.

On the Application to Deposit Plan, select Nature of Interest, Public Official Plan (Certified Copy), and attach an image of the plan to a Survey Plan certification form.

The Surveyor General disables the Form 9, Statement by Surveyor, in the Survey Plan Certification form for Public Official Plan purposes.


See the definition of “public official plan” in Appendix 2 at “Appendix 2: Types of Plans” in this chapter.

Secondary Sources

See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, paras. 127 and 155.