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  • 342 (1) On receipt of the notice from the minister, the proper officer must give to the same persons to whom notice is required to be given under section 329, and in the same manner as provided for the giving of notices under that section, a notice containing a copy of section 344, and stating that the special survey has been completed and that copies of the plan and the surveyor’s report may be inspected in the officer’s office and in the land title office and that the interests of the persons to whom the notice is directed may be affected by the survey, and that a time and place will be set by the minister for hearing complaints and claims for compensation, and that notice of the time and place will appear in the Gazette and in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the land affected by the special survey is located.
  • (2) The proper officer must keep a record of all notices given by the officer under this section, in the same manner as provided for the keeping of a record under section 329, and must, on completion of the giving of notices required by this section, transmit to the minister a certified copy of the record.

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