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Statutory Services Under The Land Owner Transparency Act

In This Volume

Item Statutory Service under the Land Owner Transparency Act Customer Fee


Filing of transparency declaration under any provision of the Act.



Filing of transparency report under any provision of the Act.



Inspection of transparency records or search of reported information by:

  • (a) an enforcement officer or a ministry official or employee under section 31;
  • (b) an official or employee of a taxing authority under section 32;
  • (c) an officer within the meaning of the Police Act or a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police under section 33;
  • (d) an official or employee of a regulator under section 34.



Search of publicly accessible information under section 35.



Copy of or extract from

  • (a) transparency records or reported information, or
  • (b) publicly accessible information,

obtained from the administrator



Application under section 40 [Application to omit information if health or safety at risk].



Application under section 42 [Application to correct or change information].