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  • 68 (1) If an angle of a parcel is redefined on the ground by a post or monument, or if an angle or a parcel described by
  • (a) metes and bounds,
  • (b) an abbreviated description, or
  • (c) an explanatory plan,
  • is defined on the ground by a post or monument, the redefinition or definition must be
  • (d) made by a British Columbia land surveyor, and
  • (e) shown on a posting plan.
  • (2) The surveyor referred to in subsection (1) must certify the posting plan as correct and file it in the land title office within 2 months after the completion of the redefinition or definition.

    (3) On receiving a posting plan, the registrar must

  • (a) assign a serial number to the plan, and
  • (b) make a note of the number in the register.
  • (4) The acceptance by the registrar of a posting plan for filing is not a determination by the registrar as to the location of the boundaries of the parcel posted.
  • (5) A posting plan must comply with the rules respecting surveys and plans made under section 385(5) for the purposes of this section.
  • (6) This section does not apply to a posting plan filed under section 69.

1979-219-68; 1982-60-17, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983;


Requirements for Posting Plans

The Survey and Plan Rules are available at Rules for posting plans under s. 68 of the Act are found in the Survey and Plan Rules. Posting plans prepared under s. 68 must be electronic plans.

The Survey and Plan Rules apply to electronic plans. The director’s directions for electronic plans are set out in the Electronic Land Title Plan and Plan Application Requirements at

Surveyor’s Certification

Electronic Plans

The director’s directions for electronic plans stipulate that the Statement by Surveyor must be completed on the electronic Survey Plan Certification form. This form must be signed electronically by the British Columbia land surveyor.

Electronic Plan Assigned Serial Number

Electronic plans are submitted with pre-assigned serial plan numbers obtained by the British Columbia land surveyor. Instructions for obtaining pre-assigned electronic plan numbers are set out in the EFS User’s Guide at under “Professionals”, “Land Title Practice”, “E-filing User Guides and Publications”.

Registrar’s Examination of Posting Plan

In examining a subdivision or reference plan that uses as evidence posts set on a posting plan survey, the registrar examines the posting plan to ensure its correctness, and examines the sufficiency of the survey to determine the re-establishment and definition of the boundaries shown on the subdivision or reference plan.

Two-Month Limitation Period

It is not the registrar’s practice to refuse a posting plan filed after the two-month period referred to in s. 68(2).


See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, paras. 127 and 155.