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  • 361 (1) On receipt of notice from the minister of the taking effect of the order in council approving of a special survey under this Part, the surveyor who completed the survey must remove all survey posts, stakes or monuments standing or being on the land comprised within the limits of the survey prior to the special survey, and which are liable to lead to confusion in connection with the special survey.
  • (2) If for any reason any existing post, stake or monument has been used or adopted by the surveyor as the post, stake or monument of the special survey, the surveyor must obliterate all marks on the post, stake or monument, except the marks placed on it or adopted by the surveyor in the making of the special survey.

1979-219-361; 2003-66-35.


On completion of this matter, the Director of Land Titles obtains confirmation from the special surveyor that the special surveyor has duly destroyed conflicting monuments.