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  • 392 (1) In this section, “waste management director” means a director as defined in the Environmental Management Act.
  • (2) If because of contamination of land by a special waste a person entering or using the land is exposed to a danger to health, a waste management director may file in the land title office in which the title to that land is registered a notice under this section.
  • (3) The notice must contain the legal description of the land affected, must specify the nature of the contamination and must state the estimated period that the danger will persist.
  • (4) On receipt of a notice under subsection (2), the registrar must endorse particulars of the notice on the title to the land affected.
  • (5) If a waste management director is satisfied that a danger referred to in subsection (2) no longer exists, the waste management director must deliver a notice to that effect to the registrar, and the registrar must cancel the endorsement made on the title.
  • (6) No liability attaches to any person because of anything done or omitted to be done under this section unless it was done or omitted in bad faith.

1979-219-320.1; 1987-51-17; 2003-53-157, effective July 8, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 317/2004).