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  • 31 (1) If a treaty first nation or a treaty first nation corporation is the registered owner of the estate in fee simple in a parcel of the treaty first nation’s treaty lands and that parcel is free of encumbrances except those in favour of the treaty first nation, on application of the treaty first nation accompanied by
  • (a) any duplicate indefeasible title issued in respect of the parcel, and
  • (b) evidence satisfactory to the registrar of the consent of the registered owner of the parcel,
  • the registrar must cancel the registration of the indefeasible title, and the duplicate indefeasible title, to the parcel together with the registration of any interest, the benefit of which was appurtenant to that indefeasible title.
  • (2) For certainty, if registration is cancelled under subsection (1), this Act ceases to apply to the parcel.