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  • 168.63 (1) The issuance of a certificate by a certification authority constitutes a warranty by the certification authority of the following matters:
  • (a) the information contained in the certificate is, to the knowledge of the certification authority, true;
  • (b) the certificate was issued in accordance with the certification practice statement;
  • (c) the subscriber to whom the certificate was issued has agreed to observe and comply with the requirements of the certification practice statement;
  • (d) the subscriber named or identified in the certificate is eligible to be a subscriber under the requirements established by the director;
  • (e) the certification authority will act promptly to suspend or revoke a certificate in accordance with the requirements of the certification practice statement.
  • (2) The registrar, the administrator under the Land Owner Transparency Act and the administrator under the Property Transfer Tax Act are entitled to rely on the warranties referred to in subsection (1).

2018-37-18, effective November 15, 2019 (B.C. Reg. 171/2019); 2019-23-115, effective November 30, 2020 (B.C. Reg. 250/2020).


Directions for Certification Authority

The Director has established directions for a certification authority in E-filing Directions, published at under “Professionals”, “Land Title Practice”, “E-filing User Guides and Publications” and reproduced in chapter 69 (Director’s Directions) of this Manual.