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  • 352 (1) A notice of the order in council approving of the special survey and plan must be published in the Gazette, and when published is conclusive evidence of the order in council and of the approval of the survey and plan, and of the regularity of all proceedings leading up to the making of the order in council.
  • (2) Except insofar as it may be set aside or varied on appeal under this Part, the order in council must not be set aside on any ground.
  • (3) The order in council, unless appealed from, takes effect on being registered at or after the expiration of 20 days from the date of publication of the notice in the Gazette, and if appealed from takes effect in accordance with the final judgment given on appeal on being registered together with a certified copy of the final judgment.
  • (4) On the taking effect of the order in council the special survey and plan as finally approved are final and binding on all persons.