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  • 168.55 (1) A person referred to in section 168.2(1)(a) or (b) may, in accordance with an applicable e-filing direction, electronically submit a declaration bringing to the attention of the registrar an error, omission or misdescription in a document that the person, or another person on behalf of the person, has submitted electronically.
  • (2) A declaration under subsection (1) must be signed electronically by the person who submits it.
  • (3) The electronic signature of a person on a declaration under subsection (1) is a certification by the person that, based on the personal knowledge or reasonable belief of the person, the declaration sets out the material facts accurately.

2018-37-18, effective November 15, 2019 (B.C. Reg. 171/2019).


Directions for E-filing

The Director has established directions for required electronic filing, published at

For requirements on the use of electronic land title forms, see

Instructions to prepare a corrective declaration are in the

  • Directions for Completing EFS Forms; and
  • EFS User’s Guide,

published at

Submit a Corrective Declaration

A corrective declaration may be submitted after:

  1. the application has been submitted, but before it is assigned to an examiner, or
  2. a defect notice has been issued, but before the submission goes to final registration, cancellation, or withdrawal.