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  • 66 (1) If, in the opinion of the registrar, convenience of reference will be served, the registrar may assign to a parcel described in an indefeasible title a distinguishing letter.
  • (2) The letter assigned under subsection (1) must be endorsed on the register.
  • (3) After a letter is assigned under subsection (1), the parcel may be sufficiently described by an abbreviated description consisting of the distinguishing letter, together with an appropriate reference to
  • (a) the instrument creating the parcel, and
  • (b) the previously registered parcel of which the new parcel forms a part.
  • (4) If the existing indefeasible title to the parcel to which a distinguishing letter has been assigned includes other land, the registrar may register one or more new indefeasible titles in respect of that land.
  • (5) If a letter is assigned or an indefeasible title is registered under this section, the registrar must so advise the registered owner and the taxing authority.

1979-219-66; 1982-60-16, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983.


Use of Procedure by Registrar

This section allows the registrar to assign a distinguishing letter to a parcel at any time. For example, the registrar may assign a distinguishing letter to a parcel that has a lengthy legal description many years after the creation of the parcel.