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  • 6 (1) Section 83 of this Act does not apply in relation to treaty lands.
  • (2) A subdivision plan in respect of a parcel of treaty lands must be tendered for examination and approval by the approving officer.
  • (3) The subdivision plan must be accompanied by the following:
  • (a) the applicable fees established under the laws of the treaty first nation;
  • (b) a certificate of each applicable taxing authority, including the treaty first nation, certifying
    • (i) that all taxes assessed on the subdivided land have been paid, and
    • (ii) if local improvement taxes, rates or assessments are payable by instalments, that all instalments owing at the date of the certificate have been paid;
  • (c) if the approving officer considers that there is reason to anticipate that the land may be resubdivided and requires this, a sketch showing that the parcels into which the land is subdivided can conveniently be further subdivided into smaller parcels;
  • (d) if the approving officer requires these, profiles of every new highway shown on the plan and such necessary topographical details as may indicate engineering problems to be dealt with in opening up the highways, including environmental impact or planning studies.