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In This Volume

  • 1 (1) In this Schedule:
  • “chief administrative officer” means the officer or employee of a treaty first nation designated by the treaty first nation for the purposes of exercising the powers, and performing the duties, under this Schedule of a chief administrative officer of a treaty first nation;
  • “public area” has the same meaning as in Part 8 of this Act;
  • “treaty first nation corporation”, in relation to a treaty first nation, means a corporation incorporated under federal or provincial law, all the shares of which are owned legally and beneficially by
  • (a) the treaty first nation,
  • (b) a settlement trust of which the treaty first nation is the sole beneficiary,
  • (c) another treaty first nation corporation of the treaty first nation, or
  • (d) a combination of these entities.
  • (2) Despite the definition of “rural area” in section 1 of this Act, for the purpose of applying this Act in relation to treaty lands, as this Act applies under the final agreement of the treaty first nation, references to “rural area” do not include treaty lands
  • (a) in sections 77.1 and 77.2 of this Act,
  • (b) in Part 23 of this Act, and
  • (c) if the treaty first nation has enacted a law excluding treaty lands from the rural area for the purposes of section 75(1) or 99(2) of this Act, in the specified provision.