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  • 339 (1) On completion of the survey, the surveyor must prepare and deposit with the minister a plan in triplicate, together with 3 blue print copies of it on blue print cloth, and a report in triplicate, which must deal with the cost of the survey, the difficulties encountered, the evidence concerning the re-establishment of original and lost monuments, the system of survey employed, the degree of accuracy obtained and the nature of all monuments erected, and must provide other information bearing on the survey as may be of service in the consideration of the report and plan.
  • (2) The surveyor must include in the report in concise and tabulated form
  • (a) a list of all parcels comprised within the limits of the survey, with the names of the respective registered owners,
  • (b) a list of all parcels the boundaries of which appear as altered by the plan, with a statement showing how they are altered,
  • (c) a statement of the costs and expenses of the survey, showing the respective areas of parcels consisting of highways or Crown land, and of land of private owners, and an apportionment of the costs and expenses in accordance with sections 324, 325 and 326, and
  • (d) a statement containing an estimate of the damage or increased value of each parcel occasioned by the alterations affected by the plan, and showing in detail a just and equitable apportionment among the registered owners of the parcels affected, and the method adopted as the basis of the apportionment in each case.

1979-219-339; 2003-66-35.


Surveyor’s Report

The registrar receives the surveyor’s report as a “document filed” and notes the running serial number on the titles affected as a legal notation.


On the Form 17 Charge, Notation or Filing, select Nature of Interest, Surveyor’s Report—Special Survey, and attach an image of the report.