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315 Powers Of Registrar Regarding Preparation And Service Of Notice

In This Volume

  • 315 (1) If, under this Act, notice is required to be or may be served, in addition to a form of service allowed by an enactment, service may, at the discretion of the registrar, be made
  • (a) personally,
  • (a.1) by electronic means,
  • (b) by mail, or
  • (c) by any other manner of service ordered by the registrar as substituted service.
  • (2) Where in this Act a reference is made to service of a notice by the registrar, the registrar may direct that the service be effected by the applicant or some other person interested in the proceeding before the registrar, or the respective agent of the applicant and that person.
  • (3) The registrar may prepare the notice or may direct its preparation in a form approved by the registrar.

1979-219-296 and 301; 1999-35-4, effective December 12, 2003 (B.C. Reg. 471/2003).


See s. 308(1.2) of the Act, which provides that a notice served by electronic means under s. 315 is deemed to be in writing.