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  • 36 (1) The registrar, after registration of title in fee simple or a charge or a cancellation of a charge, must, unless the director otherwise orders, make on an instrument deposited in support of the application for registration or cancellation or, if no instrument is deposited, on the application, an endorsement in the form approved by the director, which must be received in all courts as conclusive evidence of the registration of the instrument or application.
  • (2) If an application affects records that are stored by electronic means, the registration of the instrument or application is complete when the particulars of it have been entered, other than as a pending application, in the appropriate part of the register.

1979-219-36; 1982-60-11, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983; 2004-66-78, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005).