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  • 71 (1) If the registrar considers it necessary or convenient for registration or administrative purposes, the land title may allow or require composite plans to be prepared from the deposited plans or other records in the land title office.
  • (2) The Surveyor General must assist in the preparation of the composite plans whenever the service can be provided by the Surveyor General’s office.
  • (3) A composite plan may contain any number of contiguous parcels.
  • (4) The parcels shown on the composite plans may be designated by their original distinguishing letters, if any, or the registrar may assign on the plan new distinguishing letters to the parcels.
  • (5) The registrar must
  • (a) sign and date the plan,
  • (b) assign to it a deposit number, and
  • (c) make a reference to it in the records.
  • (5.1) Subsection (5) does not apply to a plan in electronic format.
  • (6) A composite plan deposited under this section must, after the date of deposit, for all purposes and for all subsequent dealings with a parcel shown on it, be referred to in the same manner as a subdivision plan deposited under this Act.

1979-219-71; 2004-66-76, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005); 2006-24-26, effective July 21/2006 (B.C. Reg. 229/2006).


See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, paras. 142 and 155.