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The commission makes decisions on the inclusion or exclusion of land within the reserve and hears applications for the use and subdivision of agricultural land. The registrar must not accept an application for the deposit of a subdivision plan for land within the agricultural land reserve unless the subdivision is permitted under the Agricultural Land Commission Act or the regulations or by order of the commission.

Effective September 30, 2020, s. 18.1 requires applications for statutory rights of way (as defined) to be accompanied by the prescribed form as proof notice has been given to the commission; see “18.1 Notice of statutory right of way” in this chapter.

Also effective September 30, 2020, s. 52.1 requires the registrar to endorse a title when the chief executive officer files a notice of remediation order in the land title office. Based upon this filing, the registrar endorses the title with a “notice of remediation order” legal notation. These notices are cancelled under s. 52.2 if stipulated conditions are met.

Section 60(2) of the Act requires the registrar to make an endorsement on every indefeasible title to agricultural land issued after June 29, 1973, indicating that the title may be affected by the Act. Titles issued before this date are subject to the Act and the regulations without endorsement.