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141 (1) The strata corporation must not screen tenants, establish screening criteria, require the approval of tenants, require the insertion of terms in tenancy agreements or otherwise restrict the rental of a strata lot except as provided in subsection (2).

  • (2) The strata corporation may only restrict the rental of a strata lot by a bylaw that
  • (a) prohibits the rental of residential strata lots, or
  • (b) limits one or more of the following:
    • (i) the number or percentage of residential strata lots that may be rented;
    • (ii) the period of time for which residential strata lots may be rented.
  • (3) A bylaw under subsection (2)(b)(i) must set out the procedure to be followed by the strata corporation in administering the limit.

1998-43-141, effective July 1, 2000 (B.C. Reg. 43/2000).